The patch

The patchMilan need a patch to protect, and "Spartak" - on a salary statement, which is headed by the defender, who played only three times in the first part of the season. Our site is about a business trip Salvatore bocchetti to the camp of the "Rossoneri" in which there is both logic and the pitfalls.Spartak a year and a half contained bocchetti (and the salary of Italian one of the biggest in the club) without receiving the benefit in terms of quality of football, which Salvatore pleased fans at the start of his Spartak career. It seemed that finally ended the ordeal "red-white" in the defensive line. Appeared the leader, the leader not only on the field but in the locker room, but severe injury is a rupture of the cruciate ligaments, broke bocchetti, he was never able to regain its former level. Only the player himself will be able to tell what bothers him more в physical changes in the body after the reconstruction of the joint, not allowing need to feel the rhythm of the game, lost the instincts or psychological fear to get a new injury. Often after heavy damage players subconsciously start to take care of themselves, which is incompatible with the big sports where you need absolute commitment and concentration.Bocchetti not looked too convincing in the spring in crisis "Spartak" under the direction Gunko, but summer camp when Akina did not save, the Swiss was not convinced, and "enchanting" speech Salvatore in Krasnodar, when the bulls won 4:0, persuaded and all outside observers that the Italian is not in order. Читать полностью -->


Kin-DZA-DZA!Sergey Karasev and the Italians ruined Hiddink's first match as the new head coach of the Netherlands, but Our website considered the updated version of the Italian national team, now under the command of Comte.Conte creates your planet - configures the Italian national team, although hardly call her in the movie because of the "Squadra Azzurra" sounds worse than "kin-DZA-DZA". In General, in a friendly match anything can happen, but if you play the Netherlands and Italy, two goals within ten minutes - a rare result of the debut and the whole match. Jokingly we can assume that Guus Hiddink while working in Russia had the temerity to respond rashly about the referee Sergei Karaseva - at the start of the first match Antonio Conte, the post of chief coach of the national team of Italy, the judge not only a penalty was awarded, but also showed Martins-Indi red card. De Rossi is surely realized the sentence, adding another touchdown pass and a goal. In the first successful case of Immobile clearly read the idea Daniele, managed to beat Cillessen and marked a bet Italy to break up the line of the Dutch defence by proper choice of position, we have tried to put "orange" in artificial traps offsides, because in the case of a penalty Martins-Indi lost position Zaza striker "Sassuolo" wisely substituted. Perhaps you can show Bruno only a yellow card but the referee decided not to deviate from the letter of the law and saw the deprivation of a clear chance to score a goal, so technically the judge is right.Outnumbered, the Dutch left special options - they tried to defend themselves is not the number and close the space, but the attack for obvious reason, has slowed. Читать полностью -->

Fabulous Saturday

Fabulous SaturdayBeautiful weather, light stands and an incredible game в a real holiday in Krasnodar gave participants the Derby. And although the "Kuban" double-lead, Our site eventually explains the victory of the strong-willed and skillful "bulls".Chips of the match. Will and beauty"Kuban" praise, because tried, "Krasnodar" note, since snatched a memorable win. Remember that Kononova always difficult given matches against teams Kuchuk? "Locomotive" under the guidance of experienced Belarusian beat FC Krasnodar, and in the first winner's circle in Krasnodar Derby has not revealed. Therefore, an important Victoria "bulls" above the Kuchuk stresses and growth coach Kononov, who trusted his players, do not hurry up with the substitutions, and the update command level the winner as against such a confident "Kuban" for many it would be difficult. Kucuk after all, decided to play with Kononov tactical "burdocks", to interfere to realize our forecast of a confident victory for the bulls. Читать полностью -->

Alluring Moscow

Alluring Moscow"Locomotive" has not yet completed the legal relationship with Kucuk, but without a coach the railroad left. Bozovic time left, "Rostov" and Our website is interesting - will it have Miodrag in another Moscow club?The railroad, as well as their problems - predictable, sometimes even boring. Fun is not exactly their Forte. Therefore, it is logical that worked uneventful, and for the candidacy Bozovic. Miodrag was originally the first in the list, then came the Italian versions, to which later can come back, but eventually submitted to the Montenegrin team. Bozovic has worked in Moscow and "Moscow", then in another the capital club - Dynamo, although the similar results of these two groups was different. Читать полностью -->

Brought to the point of absurdity

Brought to the point of absurdityOur site explains why Byshovets is the perfect coach for Lokomotiv in the final of the Cup, and names the person who will correct the mistakes Bozovic. Moscow teams of different face, but same profile, so they need to learn from each other.The absurdity of existence of many Moscow clubs, not to say that all, except for CSKA, it is necessary to emphasize even stronger, perhaps, so soon it will reach a point beyond which leaped the dignity and the much-needed revolution of consciousness. After all, how can we not love that for years to repeat the same mistakes, while throwing in a pipe solid means? All Champions will not be that clear, all the trophies are not able to sink at the same time, but the fight should be at the level of possibilities. And that is the proportionality of investment and impact, likely not. And although Spartak all odds to give, and "locomotive" even against Dynamo that loves to spend a lot of money not so much on the purchase, as the impressive salary, looks "poor relation", isn't it time to hold all managers of the capital's clubs?To expel another personal trainer, many do not mind, to sign his voluntary retirement even easier. But beyond that, who will take responsibility? Sorry, there is no one to ask when the main sponsor is also not the giant, who with two computers in a garage has grown, or not Empire, born from two shops in the courtyard. Читать полностью -->

The Manifesto of passion

The Manifesto of passionCrazy gorgeous first half, gross errors of the arbitrator to both parties, the linesman attempted to Alba and the flying boot of Turan в match atlГ©tico and Barcelona made Our site, let it not be forgotten for 90 minutes, but on the 45 for sure!There are matches that from the opening whistle, taking the viewer into circulation and not leave him a choice, plunging into stupor and forcing him to catch every second, as the word from the lips of a loved one. Fernando Torres took fashion to score in the first minutes of the response Cup fixtures after returning to atlГ©tico - such is the Caprice of the master, who under the guidance of Simeone really began to resemble a great striker. Real Madrid scored in the first seconds of each half at the Santiago Bernabeu, Barcelona upset after 38 seconds after the starting whistle Gil Manzano: Siqueira interrupted diagonal Mascherano, the ball went to "El niГ±o", which graceful movement away from the defender and neatly shot into the bottom corner, just before reaching the penalty. A study in the best traditions of Fernando before his career went awry. Purely subjective observation в it seems that Torres is now holding back straight and shoulders back, making looks confident, even slightly majestically, although Chelsea and Milan stooped down as if he had some invisible parasite was sitting on his neck.Goal Nando established parity in the confrontation, but not for long, because Barcelona also scored a quick goal, as requested by Luis Enrique. Star attacking trio played a combination of the notes: Messi beat Mario Suarez and moved the ball on its Suarez, and Luis luxurious Paz brought Neymar to rendezvous with the Cloud, and the Brazilian came out of the duel the winner. Читать полностью -->

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